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Hello everyone. I am currently in recovery from surgery and I started an hfs server sometime ago maybe like 3 months ago. I'm pretty knew to this stuff. I basically would like to have my hfs server for video editing purposes. I currently have a video that i am working on which is called puke and staggard. Its pretty much about 2 years of random video footage taken by me and my friends from all our antics and stuff we have done in 2 years. There is a lot of funny stuff in there. I have made about 7 trailors so far. But down to the point. I am using this server so me and my buddy can work on this project together and when ever he comes up with new ideas for the film or gets some editing done he can now upload them to my server then I can check it out and make changes and vice versa. A lot of thx goes out to the owner of the hfs server and its creator. Very awesome. I am currently right now trying to figure out how to get my own website running for it but am having trouble making it and pretty much dont even know where to start. If anyone would like any help with anything computer wise i'd be more than happy to try to help as long as its on something I know. I am pretty avid with my computer but still have lots to learn. Hope I can get some help and I also hope to give out help to if I can. Thx everyone and special thx to the maker of hfs. Oh yeah. If anyone wants to check out the videos of the puke and staggard just hit up you tube and type in the search puke and staggard. Peace all. Thx for any help and hopefully I will be back and running as soon as possible. I cant do much because I just had another back surgery. My 3rd one. I got about 40 weeks of recovery time. Thx all for any help and hope to be in and helping the community soon. Peace