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P: Please check (is it something you see Then see which connection is actually firewalled. (Firewalled --> displays a little padlock icon in the top right.)

dns part removed

In the FAQ

Internal IP address works, but when I use my external one it does not, any help?

i removed this contribution

There is a simple way to access your server from a pseudo-foreign computer by entering the whole domain name instead in the address box of Mozilla Firefox, as prepared by your dynamic DNS provider, for example When your server is part of a private network with more than one computer/server a/o you use a different port than default, just insert, for example. IE is not preferable in this case, because it may ask for a pass key each protected piece of a html page is evoked, even if you enter the same html page, again.

I don't think this is true. The DNS name, as long as it is just DNS, is just translated to the IP form, and makes no difference in how you reach HFS, so cannot solve the problem cited in the FAQ.

Maybe the person (anonymous) who wrote this added a line in his hosts file. This would actually solve the problem, though i would not advice it because there's no real gain in it. People think this is a good way to test, but is just an illusion. The only way to test yourself is to use the self test.

--rejetto 10:20, 19 April 2007 (CDT)

How to enable/use the Upload feature?

I have created an account eg fred. I've given it access to the root folder thereby limiting access only to that account. I've then added four real folders and allowed that account to upload. eg folders A, B, C, D I've set upload restrictions so only account "fred" can upload to A B C. I've set D so anyone can upload.

Ok. I log in as fred.

Why isn't there an upload button on A B C but there is on D?

Point me to the docs... can't find the answer.


New flag

Hello. I have seen a commend on this problem. I want to flag all the directories that have the new file added in. Ex: /1/2/3/4/new_file I want to flag dir 4,3 and 2. Is there a solution to this problem?