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to the people

Unofficial ICQv7/8 protocol documentation website

Me, my family, this page and stuff in it has no affiliation with Mirabilis, AOL, ICQ inc., or anyone else.


This page is dedicated to people interested in ICQv7 protocol, used by ICQ2000 and later versions.

Purpose of this page is to collect info obtained observing icq sent and received data (without reverse engineering) or from other unofficial documentation. Hope it helps building icq protocol related software.


The ICQ protocol changed a lot since ICQ 2000, AOL decided to use a very similar protocol to the existing AIM protocol. So, AIM protocol related information are useful. When not specified the stuff on this website is related to ICQv7. ICQv8 is a superset of ICQv7, thus use the same servers.



perl module by Robin Fisher
Able to send SMSs.
jcq2k by Filippov Joe
LGPL (then opensource) java package
xorkeygn.zip by covertD
pascal/c++ sources for DB password decryption
TICQClient by Alex Demchenko
Delphi component which implements a part of icq v8 protocol
joscarlib by Fabrice Michellonet
Java opensource high level library for instant messaging purpose. Support ICQ & AOL for now.


perl proxy server by Robin Fisher
Dumps communication on file. You need a perl interpreter to run it.
Dumping Icq (build 17) by Massimo Melina
Proxy server that dumps communication, written in Delphi. It unfolds FLAP and SNAC packets.
Dumping Icq (build 8) sources by Massimo Melina
I use a free version of Delphi 3, for networking (not included) I use Wsocket, a free library
Ferret by Errata Security
This tool correlates information broadcasted on wifi networks, include AIM/OSCAR traffic. The 'aimoscar.c' file is an interesting example of how to parse the protocol using a 'state machine'.


&RQ by Massimo Melina
Windows, freeware, not opensource (for now)
ickle by Barnaby Gray
Linux, opensource, c++, gtk
vICQ by Alexander Timoshenko
in Perl, with look&feel of micq
KXicq2 by Herwin Jan Steehouwer
Linux/KDE2, opensource, c++
iXQ by Starman
MacOS X, opensource, Objective-C
Icy Juice by Mitz Pettel
MacOS X, opensource, Objective-C, using libicq2000
Miranda ICQ
Windows, opensource, c
Linux/GNOME, opensource, c
YSM by rad2k
Linux, opensource, c
SmartICQ by Tronicer
Windows, plugin for MIRC
mICQ by Matthew D. Smith
very portable ICQ console client, opensource, c
JOscarLib by lolo101 & onixsf
Pure Java implementation of the OSCAR protocol


skycq by daniel
PHP server
IServerd by A.V.Shutko
C++/Unix/PostgreSQL base server