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This editor effectively allows you to edit the default HTML page.

Don't worry! The original is always retained so you can revert to that one if you make mistakes, or your changes don't work out.
Notice immediately that this editor has a Help button. You'll probably need to use this if you're not an expert in HTML.
The editor automatically loads the current HTML page when it starts.

You can use http://localhost/ after you Apply changes, to check what your users will see when you modify a template.

Main Commands

Dismisses the editor.???
Activates and saves all the template changes you have made.?????
Deletes ALL the changes.??????
Undoes the last change The depth is controlled by ??????
Restore default
Cancels all your changes, and reloads the default HTML page.??????
This is particularly useful if you are working in a small window. Check this to see all your text on-screen, even if the lines are very long.
Displays the usual Windows font selection dialog box.
Prompts to load an HTML template that is stored anywhere on your system.
Allows you to save the currently-loaded template anywhere on your system. You are promped for a folder and file name.
Lets you find any character string in the current template. Click Go to start the search process.
Displays the Template Editor Help.