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HFS Clean Template Mod with Player & Download Links

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Hey guys, I really liked the RAWR templates but they were taking too long to load my music collection, so I modded HFS Clean with a custom version of Yahoo Mediaplayer and download links (tars for folders, direct links for files).  I also un-bolded the text and generally cleaned things up a bit.  If you're using HFS to share your music give it a try and tell me what you think.

Note: I removed the login and upload links but those can easily be put back by pasting the relevant sections from the original HFS Clean.
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That's a pretty cool mod. If anyone finds a flash object that you can serve on your host machine, let us know.

You guys may not know this and I don't know if it works with other players, but I can just drag audio files from Firefox right into foobar and it will stream them directly from my server. :)