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hi @ all

have anybody an idea how can i make a login site on hfs for the terayon template

bevor a user has acess to the hfs he must logon on the login site i wont not set a pass to the root i wont have an login site of html
is this possible to make

greetz alex

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Wait for 1.3.1, its too complex if you don't know the logic of the template. We have managed to replicate/jerry-rig a login splash screen for both templates, mines had it for a while.. but setting it up takes some creative use of the login-link/loggedin and main section, so.. my advice is wait, we are releasing around the .... oh shi- 5 days. well the tog is releasing in 5 days.. i hope... cause its a special day...

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A version with a login screen will be released shortly after the release of v1.3.0.

Until then, just password protect the root or simply wait ;D