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hfs 2.3 to 2.4 and back to 2.3 again

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ok was testing out new version of hfs and i came across an issue if site has hfs on nd you revert from 2.4 back to 2.3  site refuses to load and says tried to many times 

i close browser totally and reopen site again a few hours later and it works again

 browser chrome latest

but using incognito works fine

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... revert from 2.4 back to 2.3...
The Virtual File System, VFS, may need to be renewed/replaced. 

For my testing purposes, I had to put HFS2.3 and HFS2.4RC into 2 different folders so as to prevent VFS trouble. 

These may help: 
HFS > Menu > Clear file system
HFS > Menu > Save options > Clear options and quit
Also, right click house icon, bind root to real folder (your new empty folder) and then don't add any virtual folders (use only real folders).

I also reverted to HFS2.3, because HFS2.4RC does "please wait server busy" too much (can't adjust?).