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Author Topic: The Throwback (retro) template. With large folder and mobile support.  (Read 56313 times)

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To force a date to specific format , use  the Macro   time | new format | when=date

%item-modified% use by default  the system format, it is necessary to have universal format  by using
%item-modified-dt% or %item-added-dt%

%item-modified% => 05/25/16 15:00:56
%item-modified-dt% => 42515.6256593403


Code: [Select]

<td class='nosize'>folder<td>{.time|m/d/yy|when=%item-modified-dt%.}<td>%item-dl-count%

it is possible to have the date and time on two lines using separate macros

Code: [Select]

<td class='nosize'>folder<td>{.time|mm/dd/yy|when=%item-modified-dt%.}<p>{.time|hh:nn:ss|when=%item-modified-dt%.}<td>%item-dl-count%

by creating a personal alias this can give more clarity to the template


Code: [Select]

<td class='nosize'>folder<td>{.mtime.}<p>{.htime.}<td>%item-dl-count%

one to preserve the standardized format using the macro cut proposed by LeoNeeson


there are multiple possibilities  ;)
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