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Author Topic: The Throwback (retro) template.  (Read 54212 times)

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The Throwback (retro) template.
« on: May 08, 2018, 05:33:00 PM »
The files (here at post#1) are open source.
This template is mature. Before using HFS over the internet, you should check to see if was upgraded to HTTPS. There is possibility of an stunnel adapter to achieve it.  Do check, before port forwarding.

There is no limit on folder size (any size folder is fine); so, it can be used in-network for an effective music player and file finder (tested up to half million file list).  There is no minimum connection speed (it has streaming file list).  It has auto-ban, anti-scan and caching too.

To adjust the cache time, search/find  max-age=200  and that number is seconds.  The default 3-1/3rd minutes is plenty for browsing. 

Do see watchdog & watchcat keepalive monitor accessories

Photo has thumbnails-by-request and music shuffle player.
MP comes with photo slideshow and music shuffle player.
Basic is more business oriented and do see https.
Install:  HFS menu, HTML Template, change file
Kudos:  Thanks to DJ for music shuffle player and slideshow in the photo and MP versions. 
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