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F.A.Q.s / Re: tip: get an email by your hfs
« on: December 03, 2008, 04:29:28 PM »
Thanks again for your prompt replies rejetto,

I'll make backups of what I have and do the update then I'll let you know the progress / status if you like.

I do have just one question though, can you tell me if I have properly formatted the following line for the {.exec.} macro

{.exec|bmail.exe -s localhost -t -f -h -a Subject -b Body -d.}

F.A.Q.s / Re: tip: get an email by your hfs
« on: December 02, 2008, 03:13:38 PM »
Thanks again for the quick reply.

 The 'pre-configuration' of HFS here is using version 2.3 beta Build #183 and I know your up to Build #216 now but one of the most important features to me for the 'pre-configuration' HFS package I'm using is it being portable. If I use Build #216 from your website and install it to my USB stick will it also be portable? It's important to me that no settings, files or registry settings are saved to the local computer, I need everything to be self contained on my USB stick.

 Thanks again for all your time and effort with this software.

F.A.Q.s / Re: tip: get an email by your hfs
« on: December 01, 2008, 02:25:04 PM »
Thanks for the quick reply rejetto,

anyway: there's no "portable" version of hfs.

I'm guessing your not aware of the portable version of your great software?
I have been using it on my usb stick for a couple weeks now from many different computers and it works great!

anyway: I was trying to get the "email trick" you were describing in this thread to work and I keep getting this error message when I try to run it from one of the templates

macro error: exec
not supported or wrong number of parameters

This is the line I have in the template.
{.exec|bmail.exe -s localhost -t -f -h -a Subject -b Body -d.}

I am using the command line email program you suggested, bmail, with a simple SMTP server (which works perfect if I run the command myself from the command line) and I have the file bmail.exe in the Data\Shared folder.

Am I using the .exec. macro correctly?

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