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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: android app
« on: October 13, 2020, 01:11:30 PM »
the reason is simple: HFS does not work with the HTTPS protocol, but only in simple HTTP, to make secure connections you have to install Stunnel in addition to HFS the version of the following link is not the last produced by rejetto but you will run stunnel,

once the configurations are done, then just replace the hfs exe with the latest officially produced version.

all connections initiated in HTTPS can go through STUNNEL using the address and will be redirected to the HFS listening address which will be 127.0.0.yyy: NNN in HTTP mode

from a remote client point of view the protocol used will be SSL

Bug reports / Re: HFS stops receiving connections until program restarted
« on: October 09, 2020, 01:40:23 PM »

[every 10]
{.add to log|%connections%.}

the timing is not very precise, it is necessary to take into account an offset and to put 9 instead of 10 is preferable

look at

we must be careful that during the processing of such an event hfs does nothing else which can slow down its operation on its other tasks

Bug reports / Re: HFS stops receiving connections until program restarted
« on: October 06, 2020, 06:04:13 PM »

I did not look into the question, but under the conditions mentioned is it necessary in this case to kill the HFS process or is the interface still functional?
 use the F4 key to stop and restart the server part is it sufficient to resolve?
 it in the log then there should be lines which inform of the change of state --> in this case are the remote connections operational again?

to check that the program continues to react despite the fact that remote connections are no longer possible, just add an event in file to write to the log,

[every 10 min]
{.add to log |% timestamp%.}

- if hfs gets stuck, it will be easy to determine for how long, within 10 minutes

- if the blocking does not cause the crash of hfs, and a STOP/START using F4 is sufficient, it is also possible by an event to force it automatically if no external  request is made in a given time interval

my response to come depending on what your observations will give

Everything else / Re: Travelling
« on: October 01, 2020, 11:59:57 AM »
still 20 more and I will be in the future ==> year 2021

Everything else / Re: Travelling
« on: September 30, 2020, 05:00:32 PM »
I gave the example, there is more than to continue to increase the equivalent of the like of the post

click on the image to zoom it 8)

Everything else / Re: Travelling
« on: September 30, 2020, 04:42:06 PM »
Well, somehow the 'like' button has gone missing.  But, this is a good photo.

you can use the "thank you" button instead, it sounds like saying "thank you for viewing" ;)

Programmers corner / Re: Encrypt password between client and server
« on: September 30, 2020, 04:34:05 PM »
In the long term, the password that can be displayed in clear in the options should disappear to make room for an encryption in the form md5 or sha256 or compatible with the password file under linux, the various forms of authentication between clients and server would be adapted and thus avoid to be able to hack clear identifiers in the ini file,

the current problem is to find a standardized format for sending encrypted data in binary or text form in the forms and to recover it correctly whether in ansi or in widestring, the conversion and interpretation of the data received byte by byte complicates a little the thing, I had made an attempt by codifying the whole in the form of hexadecimal data, but not being at the top on the javascript, the encoding then the decoding gave constantly discordant results so I left aside in waiting for rejetto to have enough time to go back to hfs

HTML & templates / Re: Want some ideas?
« on: September 30, 2020, 04:29:59 PM »
it can also lead to abuse of use if anyone can create a profile and access an upload without limits

originally this macro was made to be integrated into an admin panel for the sole use of the administrator

it is therefore necessary to remain careful in the choice of macros to leave in "free use"

Beta / Re: version 2.4
« on: September 30, 2020, 01:15:44 PM »
in  scriptlib.pas
   if name = 'any macro marker' then
      trueIf(anyMacroMarkerIn(first(loadfile(uri2diskMaybe(p)), p)));

by including those line we make sure not to load a file containing macros

{.if not|{.any macro marker|{.^filepath.}.}|{.load|{.^filepath.}|var=filecontent.}.}

thus the file will only be read if it does not contain a macro marker

HTML & templates / Re: How to exclude some file/extension from search
« on: September 22, 2020, 04:45:43 PM »
when you put partial file name in the search box, hfs parses and completes it by adding * at the beginning and end to not have a strict match

do not use quotes in search field with following examples
search for names with "music", hfs converts it to "*music*" and give a list with all file contening "music"

to search for files beginning with music, simply enter "music*"
to search for files ending with music, simply enter "*music"

we can therefore want files with a specific extension like "*.wav" or various extensions by separating them with a semicolon as "*.wav;*.mpeg4"

to exclude files, just create a filter starting with "\"
 "\*.wav;*.mpeg4"   will display all files except those with the extension .wav or .mpeg4

look at the wiki link

Beta / Re: version 2.4
« on: September 02, 2020, 10:34:20 PM »
I found a problem on both of my PC's. When I right-click a file and click "Add to HFS" the file does not go to the share list. Also I found that "drag and drop" also can't put it there. The only way is to click on "Add files" in the program.
I am using 2.4.0 RC6, build 318 and the default template.

the problem with using "Add to HFS" is that a second instance of the program is started concurrently with the first, when the "only 1 instance" option is not checked.

when multiple instances are active from different directories, "Add to HFS" can only work for exe from one directory but appears installed for all instances

I suggest this modification so that it is possible to know the exe and therefore the directory which is actually attached to "Add to HFS"

function isIntegratedInShell():boolean;
result:=(pos(exepath,loadregistry('*\shell\Add to HFS\command', '', HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT)) > 0)
  and (pos(exepath,loadregistry('Folder\shell\Add to HFS\command','',HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT)) >0)
  and (loadregistry('.vfs', '', HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT) > '')
  and (pos(exepath,loadregistry('.vfs\shell\Open\command', '', HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT)) > 0)
end; // isIntegratedInShell

Beta / Re: version 2.4
« on: September 02, 2020, 09:27:21 PM »
yours is a good idea, but i mean it as a plugin.
Someone packs a tpl or a diff-tpl, and an 'events' file that will {.load tpl.} based on a logic like the one you wrote.
The only limit at the moment is that this "plugin" may overwrite your existing file, but in the future i mean to let you have multiple events files, so you don't risk overwriting.

some events of the are specific to the correct functioning of the program and cannot in any case be overridden by any linked to another template loaded by the macro {.load tpl.}

it is important to first establish a list of events that cannot be overloaded as Timed events, start, quit, server start, server stop, .... and probably a few others.

 So those that would be specific to a template could simply be added in the template or any diff template as a section such as [event NAME] to override any event of the same name in the or [+ event NAME] to add this event recursively as for diff sections

Bug reports / Re: duckdns
« on: August 15, 2020, 08:48:54 PM »
I don't know how to answer, these dlls provide SSL, is it for duckdns or for hfs, maybe rejetto would be able to answer.

Bug reports / Re: duckdns
« on: August 13, 2020, 08:52:00 PM »
duckdns". the page is reachable but I don't see it in hfs-> menu-> ip address.

Hi, I misunderstood the request
only CJB no-ip and Dyndns are predefined, you have to use custom to use another provider and use the remote update url
for duckdns it is this form you have to put in the custom popup
replace mysubdomain and xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx with your values

%ip% is automatically replaced by the same value obtained by selftest

Bug reports / Re: duckdns
« on: August 13, 2020, 11:57:11 AM »
would your second hfs not be in easy mode? which could block access to the dns config

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