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HFS & PageKite: Serving from everywhere

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long time no see, but i'm back again. Have to pick up the latest developments here ..

Inspired by:
Does anyone have suggestions for a simple webserver to use on windows
together with pagekite?

I've been experimenting with Apache but I feel thats a bit too much
for simple use. Its hard to configure for non-techies.

I found this list of free webservers. Most of them seem to be
available on windows.

HFS looks interesting. Anyone tried that?

See also the topic on routers & portforwarding:,9384.0.html

PageKite and HFS seems to be the ideal combination for win-users: very easy to use, and no firewall/router restrictions anymore.

What do you think? Could it give HFS an extra boost?


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Its good to see you post here again.
I read the post on pagekite and really didn't see my need for it,
but after reading your post, think I'll explore the possibilities. I have
one "situation" it might be useful with.