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HFS Perfomance

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Hi, I've been used HFS for 10 years or more. My File System is now quite complex: about 900 folders and about 100 accounts. My problem is HSF Performance.
HFS Login page is fast. From login popup to home page it takes 30 or more seconds. Navigation trought File System is very slow, about 30 seconds for each step.
Also server GUI is very slow and often it freeze. Server performance (CPU, RAM, HD) are ok. Any suggestions? Thanks

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When I've made a profiling, I saw that most of processor-eating operation are exceptions.
So in my version I've tried to remove all possible exceptions. And recommend to compare timings

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@Gioronco: to give a proper (and useful) report, please say us what HFS are you using, and your complete system/hardware specs, like:

1) What is your operating system, installed RAM and CPU model?
2) Are you using the default HFS's template or applying some .diff.tpl and .events file?
3) Which is fastest on your system: HFS v2.3m or HFS v2.4.0 RC7? (always make a backup of your *.ini, *.vfs and *.tpl files before doing any test).

900 folders seems to be a low amount of folders to give performance issues (perhaps the problem are your 100 accounts, and the permission rules you applied to them). Your answers are important to know if the problem was recently introduced or not (to know if there was some "regression" on the latest version).
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