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Testing build #248

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It is considered abuse and can lead to locking of your account, at least for . - The world is different now.

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hey bro just add a button which force to update the dns of no-ip or cjb , whenever person want ,
i hope u get it , currently hfs automatticly do that , we have no option to force it :-s

just install no-ip DUC, it update himself when detected an ip change.


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Is there a delete option available in build @248? According to this thread (,6999.0.html), delete option is supported in latest Beta. I could not see "Delete" button/link anywhere in the browser. Am I missing something?


PS: Thanks for the wonderful work! It just worked out of the box wthout any hassles.

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by default you don't have permission to delete files.
you must first give such permission on HFS, from "properties" of folders.