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Email Validation issue

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When someone creates an account and accidentally closes the window to resend email or enter code, there is no way to retrieve that screen. It would be nice if under the "Create Account" screen, there was a button to get back to that screen so they can re enter it or resend it. (For cases where they don't receive it, or the hyperlink in the email don't work)

(Verify Previous Account  Requests)

And they put in their email and then it pulls that screen up again, only if unverified.

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When a user creates an account, a cookie with their validation ID is set in their browser.

Using the cookie, they should be sent back to the validation screen automatically if they go to the Create Account page.  The same should happen if they try to sign in.

If this doesn't happen then either the cookie got deleted or the server's record of the ID was erased somehow.
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