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FHFS / 2.0.5 Bug (As as but 2.0.2 that I reported)
« on: June 04, 2013, 11:58:10 PM »

I just emailed you the macro log you requested 6 months ago. (Sever crashed). I installed 2.0.5 and same thumbnail issue as before.


FHFS / Email Validation issue
« on: May 30, 2013, 10:18:28 PM »
When someone creates an account and accidentally closes the window to resend email or enter code, there is no way to retrieve that screen. It would be nice if under the "Create Account" screen, there was a button to get back to that screen so they can re enter it or resend it. (For cases where they don't receive it, or the hyperlink in the email don't work)

(Verify Previous Account  Requests)

And they put in their email and then it pulls that screen up again, only if unverified.

FHFS / Website Domain - Resets to IP
« on: May 30, 2013, 09:38:23 PM »
Under Admin Console, Other Installation Settings, Domain Name.
I have been trying to set my Domain name, but it keeps resetting back to the external-IP after I save settings.

Thoughts on how to fix?

Is there a special format the domain has to be in.

Example, I'm am using this format:

Ver 2.0.5


FHFS / Version 2.0.2 Bugs (Report Bugs Here)
« on: December 01, 2012, 08:08:49 AM »
Thought I would start a thread for bugs and possible fixes rather than a new topics each time. Hope this helps!

Bug report from system running: Windows 8 x64

Bug 1 - This bug you are already aware of, but for others here it is
Area: Admin Panel - "Enable/Disable Basic Features" -
Bug: If you make any changes to the settings and save it will not save
If you make a change to any of the check boxes and then save  and refresh. They do not save

You will not be able to save changes.

See download below and download the "functions.tpl" and put it into your FHFS install folder and override the current file.
File from thread:  - Added below for easy access.

Bug 2
Area: Admin Panel - "Outgoing Email Settings"
Bug:  If you only change the "Email Hostname" port number, it does not save.
 Currently: "Email Hostname:"
 Change to: "Email Hostname:"

Once it reloads, it still reflects "Email Hostname:". Nothing Changed.

To make is save, I have to change the checkmark on "SSL/TLS Connection" and save and then change the checkmark on "SSL/TLS Connection" again if needed.

Bug 3
Area: Main Page (And all others) Create a New Account (Or Create Account)
Bug: During a new account creation, all info is enter and you Submit. "Internal Error 550" (maybe 500)
User tries to create a new account and is presented with the error message after entering in all the correct info.

Account is never created

Possible Fix:
Make sure your email settings are correct in the "Admin Panel" and be sure to send a "Test Message" if it fails so will all account creations as it is unable to send verification email.

Bug 4 - Not sure if these were just created for future functionality.
Area: Admin Panel - Tools and Utilities
The following buttons do not work:
Distribute an Email
Generate Backup
Enable/Disable Autostart
Add a Folder to VFS
Backup Databases
Restore Databases
Backup VFS to File
Restore VFS from File
Relocate User Folder
Recalculate Account Quotas

Workaround: None, just wait for enhancements.


FHFS / Feature Requests
« on: November 27, 2012, 07:46:07 AM »
Here are some requests I would like to see.

1) In regards to "My Stuff" screen, I would like to see this "Private Files"  "My Shared Files" "Public Files"
.    "Private Files"     Would be nice if the admin had the option of turning this feature on and off for users. (Not show button at all)
.    "My Shared Files" Would be nice if the could be linked to the private files so there are not duplicates uploaded. Also password protect the downloading of them, set by the user as needed and password as needed. Also ability to turn on and off this feature for users.
.    "Public Files" Ability to turn on and off this feature"

2) Ability to Disable (Not Delete) Accounts.

3) Ability to disable the "Create a New Account!"

4) Change the "Create a New Account!" to "Request an account" and have the email go to admin for approval. Admin would approve in "Control Panel" and once approved email would automatically send to requested user for email verification.

5) Ability to turn on and off "Click to Open Public Uploader" access and access to the files.

6) Ability to change the file size limit and amount of files for Public Uploader

7) Layout Themes for user to pick from not just colors. (Not sure if this is possible now or not)

8) Log in page themes (Changeable in Control Panel)

9) ability to add/remove/edit requested optional info from new accounts.

10) Clicking login will force login to HTTPS site. (able to Turn on and off option)

11) During account creations force user to pick the 2 security questions.

12) Ability for users to check if they have been approved for an account or not (Via their email address)

13) Ability for users to have a auto resend validation emails if their account has been approved. (Via their email address)

(More to come if ya want!)


Again Thanks for such a great program. I love this new project FHFS

If there is anything i can do to help, I will try. (Just let me know)

FHFS / Email Issue / Adding Folders
« on: November 27, 2012, 07:40:36 AM »
Just discovered this FHFS. I like the options much more than HFS, but have some issues/questions

Just installed FHFS Server. Test email did not work.

Using FHFS 2.0.2

Also tried changing emailing account? (Tried two different providers one of them being google)

How do I fix?

Also if i go through the proccess of creating an account, I get an error after hitting submit. I belive this is due to the email not sending?

If I look in the sentemails folder and open the validation-test.html, and then click on the link i get an error 404 - file not found

And how do we use HFS now to add folders for users? It is now different than from before?

Like how can i add and control a public folder? I want them to have read only access to it. If I change the Permissions within HFS, the folder disappears from thier list of folders.

I would like to add folders all users can access and also set different permisions as needed for each folder within (Like with HFS currently)

Example: I want to give most users that log in access to a set of folders, but within that set of folders some people might not have access to everything and nobody access to delete anything and one folder for uploading for everyone to use (With or withour quota seperate from the private quota)

FTP Issue: Found out that FHFS is setting the home folder as NULL so we can connect to the private folder with out manually opening filezilla and changing the home directory for users.

Also started another post for feature requests.


Ok, I could not get my google email to work, but i did get my working for sending emails.

But where is the list of accounts at? I keep getting "You cannot create more than one account."

I need to edit the file so i can delete issues that arise such as this.

Is there a way to have a folder show the album cover instead of the folder icon for music folders? Already have the "AlbumArtSmall.jpg" in each album folder.

I am using Live template.


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