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Hello again..

Besides plain filesharing, I'd say hosting image (& video) gallery is one thing many people would like to be able to use their HFS for. They could just drop their image folder into HFS, select 'Gallery' option and a gallery with thumbnails would be shown instead of the normal file listing. Currently I've used XnView to generate web page with thumbs and hosted it on my HFS but this requires _a lot_ of work and it's almost impossible for a novice to do.

So if HFS could simply read (and maybe also generate if not exist) normal windows thumbs.db files and use images inside them as thumbnails on generated web page.

Of cource HFS could have it's own thumbnail generator but I think that would require tons of more work and would be slow & heavy feature. Getting the thumbs from thumbs.db is quite fast and simple operation I believe..

Gallery could be very simple one (f.ex: but of cource it would be nice to have also template tags available for image resolution, dpi, exif infos etc. like in xnview does but that's not important really...

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / About "Don't consider as a download"...
« on: July 23, 2007, 06:08:18 PM »
I have a small issue with this "Don't consider as a download" feature.

I generated a thumbnail.html page into my images folder (with XnView). Every time this thumbnail page is loaded, the small thumbnail images are loaded from a hidden "thumbs" folder inside the images folder. I've also set t_*.jpg (the filenames of the thumbnails in thumbs folder) as "Don't consider as download" for that folder so that my taskbar and the folder hits would not get flooded with the downloads of the small thumbnail images.

This works OK with the taskbar icons, they do not appear, but the images folder still gets 465 hits each time that page is loaded. This looks very stupid on my root folder where other folders have like 45, 21 or 33 hits but the images have 2983... :( This pretty much ruins the informational value of the whole Hits-field.

I can see from the description of this function that it is meant to work only with total hits, not with folder hits, right? But I think it should really do what its title says, not consider anything matching the mask as a download. Then those matching downloads would not be added to the Hits of that folder. I'd even like them not be listed in the log too since loading that page floods the log quite badly too..

HTML & templates / Finnish default template
« on: July 15, 2007, 12:18:51 PM »

Here's my little bit modified HFS default template translated to Finnish.


Suomennettu HFS:n oletus-template.

Tallenna tämä tiedosto HFS:n kansioon, mene HFS > Menu > Edit HTML Template > Import, avaa hfs.tpl ja paina OK.

Päivitetty versiolle 2.2

Hyvä HFS:n käyttöohje aloittelijoille: Tiedostojen lähettäminen Http File Serverillä (

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Reset totals?
« on: July 14, 2007, 02:26:05 PM »
Menu > Virtual File System > Reset totals
and Log > Clear and reset totals

What does this reset totals actually do... Clicking it does not seem to change anything on my HFS nor can I find anything about it from this forum or the wiki. What the f* is it? :D

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Introducing HFS Messaging protocol
« on: July 14, 2007, 11:17:03 AM »
When you can't think of anything else to code, here's something you might concider: Messaging.


Quite many times I've had something to say to some user browsing my server.. like recommending something to download for example. Only way to say it has been to ban that person temporarily, type the message as the "reason" and hope they would get it when they request the next page..

Also, sometimes while browsing someone elses server I'd like to be able to send a message to the server owner. In that case the only way has been to type my message to the URL after "?" sign and hope they'd spot that request from the log..

Here's a simple messaging protocol to help in this kind of situations and also to allow messaging between the users.

Look & feel:

A new private message has arrived when user was browsing the server. Instead of serving the requested page to the user, HFS serves this private messages page with a link to continue where he was really going. This page lists all the private messages user has received from any sender. To reply to specific user, its name can be clicked to change that value into he To: box. Also, multiple receivers could be added by separating them with comma. When a message has arrived and user is redirected to this page, the senders name obviously is the default value of the To: box.

The Chat history list would actually be just a borderless white table (with three columns) inside an iFrame (with 5 sec autoupdate).

At the bottom of the page there's a link to clear all private messages of that username and IP-address. Otherwise anyone logging in from same IP-address or with same username later could see these messages.

This is the servers public chat page. It's accessible using the link at the page footer. Here anyone can post messages that everyone can see. Clicking any username or IP-address would open up the private chat window with that username or ip-address in the To: box.

Otherwise this would be similar to the private chat window ...with the exeption that public messages cannot be cleared.
Users own messages are, like in private chat too, grayed to hide them a bit.

Additionally, when user is chatting from aka localhost he would be considered as Server.

Private messages pointed to the server owner would open up a simple popup window in HFS...
In this case it might be better if every user has it's own popup window and all Servers private messages are not in the same list...or I don't know..

User would have to have an option to select whether these popup windows are displayed also when HFS is minimized to tray icon or only after HFS is opened from the tray by the user.

Similar window for the public chat... Server admin can clear the whole public chat history with that Clear button.

Under the hood:

HFS would have a (hidden) "message log" with format: [time][from][to][message]
This would include all messaging happened inside HFS...every message sent.

12:15:42 Server "Hello!"
12:15:49 Server "Hello to u too"
14:52:11 mike@234.423.23.33 All "....."
14:52:59 amanda@ mike "......."
14:53:50 mike@234.423.23.33 "......"
16:21:45 Server,mike,amanda "......."

* Server is obviously the server admin
* Message with All as [to] value is a public message
* Messages [From] anonymous users get an entry according to their IP-address
* Messages [From] logged in users get an entry including their name and IP-address
* Receiver [To] can only be a name OR an IP-address (or many of then separated by comma)
   (not name@ because then "name" would not see his messages when he logs in at

Parsing the message log

When for example user john logs in at and his private messages are requested, the log is searched for
* line that has user john OR IP in its [To] field
* line that has user john OR IP in its [From] field AND where [To] is NOT "All"

The resulting lines would then be output into the table inside the iframe as described earlier.

The same way when someone opens up public chat, the message log is searched for any line that has "All" as its To value.

Clear messages function would work just the same way as these searches but it would just delete the matching lines found.

I don't know if this is the most effective or logical way of things to work...but this is the way I see it would be reasonably "doable" with rather low effort. If someone can think of better ways to do this, just let us know...  :)

Here are the mockup images also as attachments:

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Descript.ion maker
« on: July 12, 2007, 07:42:37 PM »
I'd like to see something like in the attached image when I click real folder with right mouse button and select Advanced > Create/edit descript.ion

The decription for that mp3 file is obviously already created automatically by HFS & mp3toion.exe working together  ;)

Edit: Maybe this menu entry should be only visible when "Support DESCRIPT.ION" is selected from the menu.

Bug reports / Small focus bug
« on: July 12, 2007, 07:15:40 PM »
Edit: Menu > Other options > Modal dialog for options has to be OFF

1) Go Menu > Limits > Bans ..Options window opens
2) Move your mouse (don't click) over the connections list in HFS main GUI
 => The Options window loses focus to main window as the tooltip of the connections list appears

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / a tiny tiny but often frustrating problem..
« on: July 09, 2007, 10:24:13 PM »
Selecting all text in any HFS textbox or editbox by pressing Ctrl+A does not work. That combination is kind of a standard in every program out there, but somehow HFS does not understand it...  :(

Bug reports / folder.tar not updating Hits
« on: July 04, 2007, 08:00:47 PM »
When I download the folder.tar archive of a folder, the Hits of the files in that folder are not updated.
You'd think that downloading a full folder would add +1 to the Hits of each file in that folder?

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / changing port
« on: July 02, 2007, 06:30:10 PM »
This is a bit offtopic, sorry...but anyway, I just thought why do I have to switch off HFS when I change the port? Wouldn't it be better if I could just type in the port I want and HFS would then briefly switch itself off and then back on automatically? If someone happes to be connected at the time, then HFS could say something like:

"Changing the port requires HFS to switch off momentarily.
The current connections will be forced to disconnect.

Are you sure you want to continue?

Select No to change the port automatically later when
there is no connections."

Yes     No     Cancel


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