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HFS is awesome!

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Hi, i just registered just to say thanks to hfs developers for making such a wonderful thing!
It really awesome!
It's MUCH easier to download and start HFS-server than configuring windows group policies and creating passwords for accounts just to transfer 10 bytes from point A to point B!
Also, thank you for not including any installers to HFS! I hope HFS will never get installer.

Thanks guys!

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I second your comments, Valeriy. HFS is truly great. :)
(I'm sure Rejetto will appreciate your message too).
Feel free to report any problem (if you found any).

HFS in Spanish (HFS en Español) / How to compile HFS (Tutorial)
» Currently taking a break, until HFS v2.4 get his stable version.

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HaHa,HFS has always been great! l love it too!

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Testing several different options, with the server on satellite internet, and more than a million files. 

Kudos and thanks to Project Gutenberg Australia.  HFS+Throwback14 works well even if the distance is far.
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