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How to ban a user account? [beta 2.3 >= #253]

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"For beta versions only"

You are able to install this little script in ALT+F6

[+server start=every 5 seconds]
{.file changed|ban.txt|#banned.users.}

{.set|b|{.from table|#banned.users|%user%.}.}
   {.disconnection reason| Hello %user%. You are banned. {.^b.}.}

EDIT: note: in recent betas (260+), section [+request] can be simplified by this way:

{.set|b|{.from table|#banned.users|%user%.}.}
{.disconnection reason| Hello %user%. You are banned. {.^b.}|if={.length|var=b.}.}

After you copy&paste this script, all you have to do is to create a file "ban.txt" in the same folder of hfs.exe using this format:

mark=you are impolite
rejetto=you suck
uploader=sorry, temporarily disabled
other username=other reason for banning

If this does not work with your template:

that's because the template you are testing is not using the needed feature (that's the %reason% in section [deny])

try right clicking on the root/home > properties > diff template
and paste this

{.or|%reason%|This resource is not accessible..}

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i think the best way is to ban using comodo firewall (or whatever firewall you use).. comodo's gui is very good and understandable to everyone..

you can set an i.p range in it.. and block all addresses of that lane.

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the topic is about banning accounts,
it's very different than banning IP addresses.

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Use the keyboard key F7, select an account and change the password field