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Hi, I published a small website by adding code to txt and publishing through HFS. But it turns that ''website '' is not mobile friendly. Even if code made so it should be, and I tested through other softwares and it worked. So is there anything I could do?
And I know HFS is not made for hosting websites.
Thank You

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you may have to add a custom user template file such as live rarw etc...

I'm aware of some  users making and having a mobile friendly version...

for example one built for the iphone:

then there is custum eding html and adding teh required hfs macro section to html pages to manulay creat a mobile friendly version

Most html code there own and use hfs default tempalte as a base

Id redirect you to the wiki:

*** it used to be easier to edit hfs template via another program:

dj created : mobile lite template with pic:;attach=8270
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Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive:

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