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RAWR-Designs / Live 3.0.1 Module mod - Release 0.3
« on: March 12, 2012, 05:12:54 PM »
K got it to work, the modules load now all
+ added an rss reader module
+ added loggedin and notloggedin option
- changed additional functions module so parts will only show with permission
-some fixes

 <- theres still a serious bug causing the whole modules not to load if there's more then one
:D haha ^^
But it's just a single | which is in the module list at the beginning , therefore every if function and then for each etc fails :) should be possible to fix till tomorrow
Then I'll make a rss module and a qrcide :)

Anyway the template works if it's only one module

There you go :

I just wanted to say I'm stopping the work with the rawr template
And try to write a mod for the live template
(have to see how jquery works :/ haven't done a thing yet with jquery)
Progress so far :
Checking all module permissions will be done on the beginning - works
After that a list with modules will be set - works
( currently there's only the off option but options can be added simply
All the modules are stored then in JavaScript objects
And will the be shown on mouseover on an <a>
Tag in the header span in a div below using jquery - works

now I have to get an idea on how to process the submission of forms
To execute serverside scripts through modules
But I think I'll just load an post.txt file from every template in the standard section
Which autochecks if a postvar with the moduleid is given,
Then executes the serverside script and optional creates an HTML file with a response
Which then will be loaded using jquery

 <- submitting a form works now and only the part of the module gets loaded and executed =)

After this the only thing left is writing the modules ( and maybe sometime extend the module system for more functionality)
  <- now only some minor things have to be done,i think ill write a change password module first
       <- k :P it works all pretty well , i nearly can copy the modules from the other template
              ofcourse the layout and css has changed but thist should be a minor problem, some things could be optimized cause i can now use jquery to do some things =) i'll try to port the additional functions module tomorrow =)

Forgot to say I still have to let the template process the macros from the modules
But this should be easy to do, I think it will do it if
Store every content of a module in a single var
 <- done

Does even anyone want a module system for the live template?

RAWR-Designs / Rawr Template 0.1.3 - Modules Mod Release
« on: August 18, 2010, 02:58:07 PM »
Hey Guys,
wanted to release the first fully working mod a lil bit earlier but didnt find the time to publish it:)
and yesterday i saw the 0.1.3 rawr template were released so i updated it to the new version :)

sry that it took that long but first i didnt found a way to use macros in the modcontent.txt in the modules
and so  i had to submit the forms of the module to another diff tpl which lead to the problem that i couldnt check delete permissions after submitting -.-
but now everything works fine :)

Module files & explanation:

  • options.txt   file to set the display options for a module. Seperate options with a piep |

onlylocalif set to 1 the modules will only show on local pcs
loggedinwhen set to 1 the modules show for loggedin users, if set to 0 the moduls wont show for loggedin users
notloggedinwhen set to 1 the modules show for not loggedin users, if set to 0 the moduls wont show for not loggedin users
keyallowwhen set to 1 the module will only be displayed for accounts or groups who have the id of the module in the account notes activated. for example : mod.roessi.additionalfunctions=1
pluginwhen set to 1 the module wont be displayed, only the modcontent.txt is executed.
offwhen set to 1 the module wont be displayed at all
New since 1.1 (26.08.2010) :
rightDisplays the module on the right side
leftDisplays the module on the left side
topDisplays the module on the top
bottomDisplays the module on the bottom
New since 1.2 (29.08.2010):
[paths]set the pathes in which u want the module to be displayed. each path in one line under the section
New since 1.3 (29.08.2010):
pinnedwhen set to 1 the module will be pinned the first time, when set to never the module wil be never pinned, if set to always the module will be always pinned

  • modcontent.txt   file where the html/script content of a module is stored.

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3


Change Password
Change Username
Create Folder
DeleteJust Check any file to be deleted and press submit.Screenshot 2
RenameJust write the new name in the field;You can rename as many files/folders at a time as you want.Screenshot 3

22.08.2010Minor fixes
29.08.2010Changed options file


This module is to create own , personal upload folders for users automatically


File: options.txt

hddpaththis is the path where the existing folder on your hdd is where the folders will be created
vfspaththis is the relative path to the folder in your vfs where the folders will be added to
accessset this to 1 if you want only the user to have acces to his folder
uploadset this to 1 to give the user upload rights automatically once the folder is added
deleteset this to 1 to give the user delete rights automatically once the folder is added
adminaccesswhen set to 1 the user set as admin will get all rights too
adminthe user who will get those rights . you should be able semicolon seperate a list of users to be admin....
dunno why but you cant use a group. it doesnt work when you use the {.set item.} macro and add access for groups  ??? only for users


It works the following way
if a logged in user loads the page and no folder for him exists in the given path, a folder will be created there
and added to the vfs path you set in the settings.txt
and depending on your settings the permissions for the folders will be given :)

dunno if anyone can use it :) but i use it to give users a personal upload folder where no one else has access to.

You won't see any new module, its just a script that runs when the module is activated

29.08.2010Merged settings.txt into options.txt. Changed options file

Register Module   Release

This module is for users, to register an new account.


File: options.txt

enabledwhen set to  true  new accounts will be enabled by default. when set to false they will be disabled
member ofset the groups seperated with a ;  the user will be added to by default
notesset the notes you want to have the users account to be added by default
[access]in this section set all the pathes the user should get access permissions by default, one path per line
[upload]in this section set all the pathes the user should get upload permissions by default, one path per line
[delete]in this section set all the pathes the user should get delete permissions by default, one path per line

31.08.2010Changed the options. So you have [sections] for pathes instead of seperating them with a |

Howto Install a module:
Just extract the zip archive of a module into template/rawr_default/modules.

  • Admin Module with Complete VFS and User Management
  • New setting in the modules, to choose where to display the module on the page. (top,bottom,left,right) Done.

Date:ChangesNewest Version
21.08.2010TSG fixed a bug in his v0.1.3 RawrTemplate
22.08.2010fixed a bug where modules didnt work when set as Plugin
22.08.2010RAWR-Template-0.1.3 - Module
26.08.2010Added Setting to choose position of module(left,right,top,bottom)Rawr Template Modules Mod v.0.1.3.m.1.1
29.08.2010Changed way of handling options and renamed restrictions.txt to options.txt , also removed title.txtRawr Template Modules Mod v.0.1.3.m.1.2
29.08.2010Added the option pinned. Added ids to every module and changed the keyallow optionRawr Template Modules Mod v.0.1.3.m.1.3
31.08.2010Changed the way you can set pathes where the module will be displayedRawr Template Modules Mod v.0.1.3.m.1.4
6.3.2012Added ability to load headerscripts and Rawr Template Modules Mod v.0.1.3.m.1.5.2

Name:Released:Latest Versiont:Attachment:

When there are any questions , problems or bugs. Just Reply or PM me. Ill do my best to solve the problem

Programmers corner / : to &#58; in {.load
« on: July 12, 2010, 12:02:04 PM »
:) sry have to ask sth again :)
why is the ":" within the ":}" replaced with "&#58;" when i use the {.load.} macro and in the "{:" it isnt ?
is there a way to prevent from getting ":}" replaced with &#58;}
cause hardly can use macros if this happens :/
thx for your answers :)

Programmers corner / get|can delete|path
« on: July 06, 2010, 06:59:36 PM »
would aks one question :)
is it possible to add to the
{.get|can delete.} macro an optional parameter with the path ? :)

Programmers corner / PROBLEM : Load Modules Automatically
« on: February 03, 2010, 05:06:46 PM »
:) since rejetto implemented the dir cmd ... i should be able to load all the modules automatically ... so i gave it a try and wrote a script to do this ... :

function to load the modules :
Code: [Select]

< t d width="175" valign="top" id="moduleCol" >
< s p a n  id="specialBox" >< /s p a n >

{.for each|#module|{.dir|template/rawr_default/modules/.}|{:

{.if not| {.pos |false|{.for each|#restr|none|{.load|template/rawr_default/modules/{.^#module.}/restrictions.txt.}|{:

< / t d >

checkrestrictions functions:
Code: [Select]

local|{: {.if|{.match|127.*;10.*;192.168.*|%ip%.}|true|false .} :}|



modhtml function :

Code: [Select]
< d i v class="module" >
< d i v class="modHeading" >
< s p a n  >
< a h r e f ="javascript:pinModule('$1');" id="$1_Link" title="{.!lv_hideTitle.}" >< i mg
class="hide" src="/template/{.!theme.}/images/hide.gif" align="top" alt=""/ >
< n o s c r i p t >< i mg src="/template/rawr_default/images/spacer.gif" width="8" align="top" alt=""/ >< /n o s c r i p t >
< / a >
< / s p a n >
< / d i v >
< d i v class="modContent" id="$1" >
< / d i v >
< / d i v >

... and the problem is ... all modules are displayed ... but the checkrestriction function returns neither false nor true ...
and the bigger problem :

none of the macros in the modules beign loaded are executed ...  and i dunno why ^^

would be great if anyone could take a look at the code and tell if he could spot the problem ^^

thx in advance

RAWR-Designs / Modules for Rawr-Template
« on: February 01, 2010, 06:21:55 AM »
Additionalfunctions module:
Version: 0.3
Modules Mod Version Needed: 0.3


Change Username
Change Password
Create Folder
Delete Files/Folders

Coming Soon:

Rename Files/Folders
Registration Form
Archiv Download

U need the Modules mod for the rawr template to use this.
u can get it here:,7997.msg1048213.html#msg1048213

and if you dont have the rawr template you can get the complete template from here:

RAWR-Designs / New Module System for Rawr-Template
« on: January 23, 2010, 12:38:06 PM »
This is the 3rd update of the template :)
everything works fine at the moment :)
currently there is one extra module:

If You dont have the Rawr template you can get the complete template form here:

Edit : 13.02.10 :

k now everything seems to work :) so i attache a zip file with everything u need to replace in the rawr template :)

just extract it in the hfs folder and replace everything :)

I modified the way of how the template works with the modules :)
because they were just "static" html in the template and i created some modules and wanted them to be included and this was always a waste of time.

Now It works this way:
in the template folder there is an subfolder "modules" .  
in this folder , every module has his own subfolder with at least two text files in it
1: modcontent.txt

the template simply builds the html for the modules based on a list with the names of the modules and loads the content from modcontent.txt and the title from title.txt

the positiv sideffects when u include this in your rawrtemplate are :

you can simply change the order of the modules :) just by positioning the name in the list :)
you can simply create a new module to be loaded :) just create an folder with the name of the module and a mod_ prefix
and put the content of the module inside the modcontent.txt and the title in title.txt in the folder.

to turn an module off u can either remove it from the list or prefix it with an off:- .

if an module is thought to only be displayed locally ( like the updates module ) just put an local:- before the module name in the list .

if anyone wants to use it :) feel free to do so :)

1: First of all put the modules folder found in the rar arcive into /template/rawr_default
2. U will need these function in the [special:begin] section in order this to work :

Code: [Select]
{.set|#entries|{.count substring|{.^#seperator.}|{.^#list.}.}.}


< d i v class="module">
< d i v class="modHeading">
< s p a n >
< a h r e f="javascript:pinModule('{.^curmod.}');" id="{.^curmod.}_Link" title="{.!lv_hideTitle.}">< i m g
class="hide" src="/template/{.!theme.}/images/hide.gif" align="top" alt=""/>
< n o script>< i m g src="/template/rawr_default/images/spacer.gif" width="8" align="top"

alt=""/ > < / n o script>
< / a >
< / s p a n >
< / d i v >
< d i v class="modContent" id="{.^curmod.}">
< / d i v >
< / d i v >"

local|{: {.if|{.match|127.*;10.*;192.168.*|%ip%.}|{.set|curmod|{.^part2.}.}{.^modhtml.}.} :}|

just copy this and paste it directly after the [special:begin]

3. now u have to replace the template code in the template with the new code. in the rawr template juste delete
everything from line 183 to line 299 and replace it with the following code:
Code: [Select]
<td width="175" valign="top" id="moduleCol">
<span id="specialBox"></span>
4. the last step write the list with the modules u want to be loaded , this gies directly under the [special:strings] section: f.e.
Code: [Select]
modules=local-updates;off-foldertasks;statistics;shoutboxnote: if you put the shoutbox or sth. else at the first position it will be displayed as the first module ;)

hope anyone will find it usefull and everythings working correctly ( for me it does ) im open for every idea to improve this :)

could be that i find sth to improve and modify the post

P.S u have to remove the spaces in the html code ... i werent allowed to post html code in a code box
P.P.s i attached the modified template ... the only thing i still need to do to work perfectly is modifying the javascript to set the cookie for the state of the modules

Programmers corner / script not working as expected
« on: January 22, 2010, 09:04:25 AM »
why does this not work O.o
Code: [Select]
{.set|#entries|{.count substring|{.^#seperator.}|{.^#list.}.}.}
the function ^^ again sth i found u could use it for

Code: [Select]
{.load|{.^#doforlist|iPhone;MSIE|{:{.if|{.>|{.count substring|%cur%|{.header|User-Agent.}.}|0.}|%cur%.tpl|Default.tpl.}:}.}.}

it just displays the template code ... and all the special:  sections are empty

Programmers corner / doforlist function :)
« on: January 12, 2010, 02:29:58 PM »
this is for everyone this is useful for :)

Code: [Select]
{.set|#entries|{.count substring|{.^#seperator.}|{.^#list.}.}.}

u can use it for example to show an admin page in an template with html for each user or sth. like this

Code: [Select]
{.^doforlist| list |{: command :}| optional: seperator .}
it executes the commad in parameter so many times like items exist in the list :) use %cur% for the current item f.e. :

Code: [Select]
{.^doforlist|{.get|accounts.}|{:%cur%:{.get account|%cur%|member of.}:}.}
would return every user and and the group hes member of

just thought it might be useful for someone :)

Programmers corner / notes key in member of
« on: December 17, 2009, 02:47:20 PM »
hey im kinda new to hfs and wanted to ask if theres an integrated possible to check if a notes key exist in any group the current logged in user is a member of.
i tried to write sth. to check this but it doesnt work. and as i dont really know how to write scripts in hfs i wanted to ask if anyone has an idea whats wrong in the code ;)

Code: [Select]

{.set|#i|{.count substring|;|{.member of|.}.}.}
{.set|groups|;{.member of|.};.}
{.set|curgroup|{.substring|;|;|{.^groups.}|include=0 .}.}
{.if|{.get account|{.^curgroup.}|notes key=test.}|{:

{.if not|{.get account|{.^curgroup.}|notes key=test.}|{:
{.set|curgroup|{.substring|;|;|{.^groups.}|include=0 .}.}





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