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I can't change the website to English.

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Hi, I am struggling with this problem. When I click on the PayPal donation page, my page gives Italian and I can't find a way to change it to English.
I've never done that, so I would need guidance, please help me.
Any help will surely be appreciated!
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Check the donate button found here:
(it should open PayPal in english)

Where did you found the donate button that opens in italian language? (please leave the link, so Rejetto could fix it). By the way, I don't know where are you from, but if you live in Italy, I guess it's normal that PayPal opens in italian language by default. If the problem continues, check your browser 'default locale', for example for Chrome, check this:
Code: [Select]
Don't be afraid to ask for more help, in case you need it...
I'm just a normal user here, but thanks for donating, it helps to keep HFS alive. :)
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just indicate the country in the paypal url before /home as in the examples below
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