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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Feature requests
« on: December 29, 2008, 03:24:47 AM »
Couldn't find any where to feature some requests so here we go: :)

A program called by {.exec}. should  be able to return result to hfs
why? let me make an example:
the file rejetto.exe gets uploaded, hfs event script triggers and  start:
Code: [Select]
exec|antivirus.bat {.localfile|path/to/file/in/got/uploaded/rejetto.exe.}(see next suggestion for {.localfile.})

Code: [Select]
virusscan.exe %1 > hfs.monitor
echo done

hfs monitors the hfs.monitor file for the text "done" (to know the virusscan.exe is done)
hfs now start a new script which check the hfs.monitor for a pattern (example: "the file %filename% is clean.")
if the pattern return true it starts:
Code: [Select]
{.log|file %filename% is clean from viruses.}(see below for {.log.})
if the pattern return false it starts:
Code: [Select]
{.set account|%person-who-uploaded-file%|disable-account.}
(see below for {.set account|disable-account.})
I find this useful  :)
NOTE: this was only an example of what it  could  do, of course you write the scripts yourself, fully customizable

full path to the file, for example:
Code: [Select]
{.localfile|path/to/file/in/hfs/hi.txt.} should return  something like:

Write log to the hfs log/console (maybe with a B parameter, from who)
Code: [Select]
{.log|rejetto rocks!!|JellyFrog.}
returns in the log (hfs.exe):
2008-12-29 13:37:00 JellyFrog rejetto rocks!!

{.set account|disable-account.}
disable an account (or delete maybe)

Now I need some sleep :)

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