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This is the same FAQ that can be found at the Wiki, but i think that a FAQ in the forum will be read more than the one in the Wiki^^.

Yes, we know that ;D

- What is HFS? 
HFS allows you to easily share files between friends and family using your normal browser (usually, Internet Explorer or Firefox). HFS is so small that it fits on a floppy disk, and can even run from your USB !

- How much does HFS cost? 
HFS is completely free!

However, if you like the project, please click the Donate button at .

- Does HFS contain spyware, trojans, or any malicious software? 
Of course not! We respect the rights and privacy of our users and do not bundle "malware". Indeed, I earn no money through this project. Since HFS is open source, you don't just have to trust us, you can check for yourself.

- I need another feature, can you add it? 
I always read requests by users, and they are often accepted. But keep in mind that the main drawback to adding more features is not CPU or memory overload, but usability. Users faced by a 1000 features spend a lot of time searching for the one they need. Remember too, that some features that seem essential when you are first starting become much less important as you grow more expert. This is part of the reason that HFS has both "Expert" and "Easy" modes.

We defend people's time, our time; not the CPU.

- Does HFS work with my dynamic net address (dynamic DNS)? 
Yes. The easiest way is to use a service that links a domain name to your IP address. There are several FREE services such as CJB, no-ip, dyndns.
Log into your service account, and then use Menu→Dynamic DNS updater.

A good alternative is to upgrade to a static address (static DNS) which can usually be obtained from your ISP.

- What protocols does HFS support? 
HFS only supports the HTTP 1.1 protocol (right now).

- Will HFS support the FTP file transfer protocol? 
FTP support is planned, but don't expect it soon. It may come in a major release after 2.0.

- Does HFS support server-side scripting such as CGI or PHP? 
No, HFS currently does not support server-side scripting such as CGI or PHP. Although this is planned for a later version, keep in mind that HFS is essentially a file sharing server.

- Which Internet browsers does HFS support? 
As far as we know, HFS supports all Http browsers. This definitely includes Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Maxthon, Netcaptor, and Firefox.

- I do not like HFS's web interface, how do I change the look? 
If you are competent in HTML, you can edit the HTML template by selecting Menu → Edit HTML Template. (You need to be in Expert mode before you can change the template.) You can find many customized templates from our users in the forum, as well as a Template Maker. Be warned, however, you do this at your own risk and there is no guarantee that your template will work in future HFS versions.

- HFS reports the error "Cannot open port". What should I do? 
This usually means the port that HFS tries is in use by some other application. To fix this, click the OFF button to de-activate the server, specify another port (1-65535) in the port box, and then click the ON button. It is recommended that you pick a port high in the range such as 17019 or 31028, etc.

- What is the difference between Expert and Easy mode? 
In Easy mode, a lot of HFS options are hidden for beginning users. If you are fairly knowledgeable about HFS, it is suggested that you use the Expert mode.

- My download is interrupted! Does HFS support resuming of partially downloaded files? 
Yep! HFS supports HTTP 1.1 download resuming with the help of a download manager.

- Which download managers does HFS support? 
HFS supports all the most popular download managers including FlashGet (, Download Accelerator (, GetRight (, Teleport Pro, and FlashGot (for Firefox users) (

- Do I need to have my computer powered up and to be online? 
Yes. Otherwise your friends can't connect to your computer and get files from you.

- My friend is uploading to my HFS server, but the upload got interrupted. How could I resume the upload? 
Currently, the HTTP 1.1 specification does not include commands for resuming partial uploads. Therefore, this feature will not be implemented in future versions of HFS. (Unless FTP support is implemented.) HFS can be configured to delete partially uploaded files.

- How do I protect my files on the HFS server? Are they safe from Internet hackers? 
You can set a username and password for a file by right-clicking the file and selecting "Set user/pass". This will not, however, protect your files from prying eyes when they are downloaded by an authorized user since HFS does not encrypt the data that is being sent. For more information, see Secure your server.

- What does the "hand" icon represent in the file system tree? 
If you see an icon that looks like a hand, it means that HFS could not find/access the original source file. HFS hides the file from the web interface until it can successfully access this file.

- I can locally access my HFS server, but when my friend tries to access my HFS server, he gets the "Unable to connect" or "The page cannot be displayed" error. Why? 
This problem is most likely caused by a router or a firewall. If you are currently behind a network, make sure that the correct port is forwarded to your computer. (Instructions are available at .) Additionally, try disabling software firewalls, or enabling HFS server permissions, if applicable. To simplify this process, use the Self Test feature in HFS. Self Test confirms whether your HFS server is working properly, and is very trustworthy.

- How do I allow someone to upload to my server? 
In order for someone to be able to upload to your HFS server, you must first create a "real folder" in the HFS file system. To do this, simply drag a folder from Explorer and release it into the HFS window. A prompt asks whether you want the folder to be Virtual or Real. Click Real folder. After the folder is created (red icon), you can set password permissions by right-clicking the folder, and choosing the Upload submenu.

- What is the difference between an user account and an user/pass combination? 
A user account is basically a shortcut for the user/pass combination since you simply select the user and HFS fills in the user credentials for you. Otherwise, HFS allows you to define user and passwords for different resources freely.

- How do I add a comment to the password box that pops up when a user tries to access a password protected resource? 
You can specify this comment by right-clicking the resource, and select the Customized realm selection.

- I am trying to serve some HTML pages through HFS, and want to define an index page. How do I do that? 
Specify the index file mask by right-clicking the home icon, and then click the Default file mask selection.

- How do I change the default favorite icon on the HFS web-interface? 
If you have a customized favorite icon to use, simply rename that icon to favicon.ico and drag it into the HFS file system. After that, you can hide the file by right-clicking the file and choosing Hide.

- I am sharing a lot of files at once. Could I have HFS download multiple files or download the whole folder? 
Currently, HFS does not support downloading of multiple files, nor the whole folder at once. (Download of complete folders will be available in future versions.) However, this function is currently possible with the help of a download manager. (Firefox users see: .)

Another approach is to zip (or rar) the folder, then publish the resulting zip file.

- Could I upload multiple files or the whole folder at once? 
HFS does not support upload of the whole folder at once. However, users can choose to upload multiple items by selecting them one- by- one on the HFS upload page. (By default, multiple upload fields are offered.)

- How do I make HFS startup every time I start Windows? 
To make HFS startup every time Windows starts, simply create a shortcut to HFS within Programs→Startup in the Windows Start menu. (It might be easier to open the Start menu by right-clicking it and then clicking Explore.)

- Where is the Log out button? 
Nowhere. There is none. The current way HFS identifies users is the method offered by HTTP, and it has no such feature. The only solution is to close your browser and reopen. I hope to make this better in a future release.

- How do i configure my firewall / router? 
There is no general method that works for all firewall / router combinations. Check for information, and also try "port forwarding" in Google. Some methods are listed below, but we need help with this section. (The best way to help is to contribute to the forum

Windows XP SP1 firewall (thanks to member 326)

First, navigate to Network Connections. (Or open it in Control Panel.) Then see which connection is Firewalled --> displays a little padlock icon in the top right . Right-click the icon and select Properties . Go to Advanced. In the lower right Settings... If you are using Port 80 which is the default for a Web Server (HTTP), just check the tick box. (But, be warned that some ISPs block port 80, so you may have to choose a different port number.) If you are not using port 80 you have to Add... it yourself.
Description of service: HFS
Name or IP address: "You computer name as used by Windows"
External/Internal Port number for this server: "Any Port you set your HFS to"
Click OK to complete.
You may have to reboot or restart the connection for the new settings to take effect.

D-Link Router (thanks to member moondog)

Before you start, note the address of your router. To find this, in HFS, select "IP address" and look at the unchecked entries. Your router address is usually in the form "192.168....".
Open Internet Explorer or Firefox and type in (for example):
Use your password (if necessary), or type in "admin", to access the "Settings" page, and navigate to "Advanced".
Click "Enable" on the "Dlink" page.
Type in whatever you wish for "Name".
For "Private ip", type in your router address. (Do not include "http://". )
For "Protocol Type" check "tcp".
For the last two items, type in "port 80". (Or whichever port you have assigned to HFS.)
Click "Always" and then "Apply" to complete the process.

- How can i change the port? 
Just switch the server off, so you can edit the port box. To switch the server off, you have to click the ON button.

- Internal IP address works, but when I use my external one it does not, any help? 
It is normal, don't panic. you can't use internally your external address. Just don't. You should use localhost, or simply click the Browse button to watch what your users will see.
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I've locked it so no one can reply :D

I have also stickied the topic, it may be temporary, depending on how rejetto feels about having a F.A.Q within the forum, I think its a good idea, I hardly ever open up the wiki, except to edit a few things with my templates.
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why not just a link?
anyway i think the real problem is that people don't read anywhere. :)
if i had the time, i would write an autosearch plugin for the forum, that on new topics autosearch for a possibly-helpful page.
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