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Do downloaders need HFS

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I've been looking at apps or services that will enable me to share files with a couple of friends.  This software gets the best reviews of everything I've looked at.  But I'm unclear on one point.  Does the person who wishes to download the files need to have this software installed?  The people I will be sharing with will not have any need to upload to my server, they just need to get files from me.  Unfortunately, they are not not technically savy  and getting them to install and configure this would be beyond them.

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No they dont have to install this software. The visitors of your server download the files with the webbrowser over http-protokoll.
You reach our Webserver every day between 9 AM to 10 PM under: or

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Like Pit said, they will access the server from any web browser, and they are presented with a HTML/CSS page, from the outside it will look and function like any website.