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Leave here your holiday season's greetings!

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Hi everyone! :D Like one big family, we all here helping each other when someone needs something, and this forum is the most important part of HFS. Perhaps someone may be more active than others, but every member takes an important part contributing according to his his own ability and knowledge.

This year Rejetto (and his new HFS version) was not very active, but his software is alive and kicking, like the first version. I know many of you may have very little free time, after all, December is always a busy month (as holiday activities approaches), and spending time at home with family and friends it's a priority.

Not everything is perfect (my personal life is still, economically talking, quite complicated), but at least I should be -somewhat- happy to be still alive (surviving these pandemic years), trying to be optimistic and adapting myself (in these times of constant changes). Sadly, the Covid is still a worldwide issue, and we should still take care and remain very cautious.

But the purpose of this thread, is simple wishing you all the best, opening a space where anyone could leave here his own message (leaving holiday season's greetings messages or anything you want!). Enjoy the holiday season!...

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The whole world is in a state of chaos, currently. The issue is that HFS simply runs too well, so, there just isn't any reason to come here, often. Running two instances for different purposes.

Also, when I visit, I usually forget to log on, as it is not required. I'm suspecting many other members are doing similar and only login when they have something to post.

Last but not least, I'm not good with holiday wishes, so, I'm making this short: Whatever he ↑ said, +1! :) - The world is different now.

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Hi, nice to check in! I am still using HFS in _very_ limited production for a small bus ridership data logging app, and it does what I need simply, with no muss or fuss.  As MarkV says, it runs fine so I have no reason to check the forums for fixes!

Hope you are all well.

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Hi! Congratulations to everyone on the holidays! HFS is working fine, no problems. The world works worse than HFS, but we should gradually fix it.  I wish happiness and health to all !

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wow, lifes been busy and has gotten in the way of the fun.


thought i stop by and say hi.
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oh, sorry guys, i missed this topic.
Surely I was too busy with HFS 3 ;-)
hi bmartino :)