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Uploads not getting saved to PC

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On my PC where hfs is hosted I've created a real folder named hfsUploads and given upload permissions to anyone.

From an embedded device, I set the url to
I then invoke the upload function on the embedded device, passing up a text file.
The response code is 200, indicating success.
The HFS log window shows: 8:03:33 AM Requested POST /hfsUploads2/
The 'Total In' updates to show the number of bytes 'transferred'.

However, the file is not written to the PC's hard drive.
Suggestions / ideas?

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which embedded device are you using? some phones/game station have file access limits that prevent uploading and downloading of data.

double check some hfs gui side permission that might be causing issues

does your windows side real folder have access right to write files?
IE, does hfs have the proper folder access to write the file?
if you don't know, try adding everyone with full access to the windows folder.
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Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive:

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If you had a correct upload you'd get an extra line on the log (unless you disabled it).
Anyway, there's no real standard for uploads, so your "upload function" could be not matching.
1. test if upload works with a browser
2. dump the whole http request and post it here so i can watch it. You could simply upload a file to netcat (a command line utility) like this (untested): nc -l -p 80>dump.txt

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