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    TLS Tutorials


    How to zip afile with winrar

    How to burn a with Nero 7


    Lucky Shoe Guidelines


    General rules
    1. Please Do Not upload vulgar garbage that you wouldn't show your kids!
    2. I have a shout box Please Do Not use ugly language.(I have grandchildren that are allowed on this site)
    3. Download one file at a time.
    4. Allow up to an hour or so for big files.
    5. If you have any requests or concerns use the Shout Box on the bottom of the page.
    1. Please scan your files with your virus protection.
    2. Zip all files.
    3. Make sure your in the right category before uploading.



    How to zip a file with Winrar

    1.Click on one file and right click on that file then scroll down and choose "Add Archive". fig1


    2. If you look at fig2 you may change the archive name and change to zip on
    achive format Then place your file where you want by clicking on browse.
    After choose your destination click the "OK" button".


    3.Now what you will see if all goes right is fig3 This is the progress window.


    After progress window disappears go to see if your file is in the location you
    Thats it!


    How to burn with Nero 7


    1.Click "Nero Vision"

    2.Click "Make DvD"

    3.Click "Add video file"

    4.Choose the movie file you wish to burn andClick open then click next.

    5.Back space "my disc",Click "Edit menu"

    6.On the right side you should see some options:
    Layout, Background, Buttons, Ect... You can make your
    own custom changes for a movie menu.

    7.After making your changes, click next. Now you should see
    A preview screen and a remote, Click some buttons to test
    your menu.Click next

    8.Now you will see your burning options. Click
    "Burn to" and choose your burner. After that click the burn
    button on the bottom of the page.Thats it!
    Nero will let you know when it's done.


    The Lucky Shoe "Shout box"




    The Lucky Shoe "Theatre"

    Featured Presentation "Due Date"
    (Movie will take 8 min to buffer,the play button will turn white when ready)