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Live 3 Template With NewFolder, Rename etc

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I was looking around on the forum for a modified Live 3 template with essential functions, such as, New Folder, Rename, Move and Copy. I found 2 forum posts about this topic but all I could find was broken links. If anyone has the files, I would love for you to send them to me and I can host a permanent download link for anyone else who wants them :)

Links to other posts and broken links;

Thanks again!!

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some our from my old works, gogle and there infinte server changes and security keeps removing my link sharing access:

i believe you want this file:

most likely:
hfs menu > change file > live 3.0 template

*its old, not my original work, and some quick macro copy and paste form 2 to 3 got it working.

Not sure if hfs 2.3m or latest still works with this template.
i recommend any form here for others works and master of the hfs macro code

or any of the other master of html / javascrpit codes such as DJ, Danny, and Leo

heed the advice of The creator Rejeto, and Silent plz/Mars some of the best from users and programers here.

havent been doing very well, while i check in and post form time to time. Life has been geting in the way, and this is a saddly a hooby of mine to help and share this wonderful program. :/

if something is not working, sadly your on your own. I highly recomend an active evolving template with support suchas the throwback template:
found here:

atm template 14 download at:;topic=12055.0;attach=9836
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Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive:

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Live feeling for 2.4Beta and mobil-light

Code: [Select]
#menu-panel,header {background: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgb(7, 58, 121) 0%, rgb(36, 115, 162) 40%, rgb(120, 187, 205) 80%, rgb(252, 254, 254) 100%);} /*blue*/
/* header {background: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgb(119, 6, 6) 0%, rgb(176, 48, 48) 52%, rgb(217, 144, 144) 83%, rgb(254, 252, 252) 100%);} red*/

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