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FHFS as http file server

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Can FHFS be used as a HTTP file server with user credentials and a root directory folder to receive and send my PBX backup's/restores "like an FTP server) ?  If so, is there a document that could show me how to setup ?  I have been trying to get it going but cannot.  Thank you!

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I think you are mixing things up. FHFS is an FTP and HTTP server, all in one. So it gives you 2 different protocols, and 2 different ways to upload files: through FTP and HTTP. To upload via FTP you need a FTP Client software, and via HTTP you can use any web browser.

I don't get what you mean "like an FTP server" (FHFS is a FTP server!)
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I'm not quite sure what you mean.  If you set up FHFS and have an admin account and everything, just go to the 'Manage FTP' page when you log on and enable your account from there.  Then use can use FileZilla or whatever to connect to your FTP account.

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i think he wants a "plugin" to use a ftp client form the website...

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