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Looks like the User Accounts section in the Wiki needs to be updated.  I did not find nor understand ".../wiki/index.php/First_time_configuration#User_accounts"  It appears to be from an older build.  If you update, a more detailed "layman" explanation would be appreciated, especially on how to build users, then groups, and even show an example.  Helping the lay-person understand the basics (yes, sometimes by holding their hand) makes the software even better as the lay-person becomes a regular/power user due to understanding what the software does.
Thank you for the wonderful piece of FREE software ... I am still playing with it trying to figure it out.

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if you use the actual betas, the account-windows are almost self-explanative.

If you restrict access to folders in any way, you have to define the access rights for the users.
This can be done on a user by user basis, and as your number of users grows, this can be a lot of work. But you can also give access rights to groups, and as you can assign to each new user the group(s) he belongs to, you don't need to touch the folder properties if they are established for the group a user belongs to.

Hope with this you understand better what's the use of groups.
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that page in documentation refers to the current official version.
i guess you are using the beta version instead

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I am using the Beta.  Just noticed 243 :)