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IP tunneling with the options for compressing and encrypting

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have in the Internet program "IPTunnelManager 1.5" found and sounded interesting.
Since the HTTP File Server even have written you, I hope this function of IPTunnelManager
can somehow copied because it can be quite useful if you only this, with its private Internet operates

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Hello :)

Just go to the FAQ section, and try the SHFS GUI thing :)
It uses Stunnel and OpenSSL to accomplish what IPTunnelManager 1.5 does. (and it's open source)


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because nobody has an idea?

compressed data through a proxy server.
There's what, but there is a corporate server behind.
looking for a peer-to-peer opportunity for compressed data transmission where my server computer to be longer so that data throughput.

Download the appropriate manager may have found ... There's definitely still others
[Flashget 1.9.6] -> Site Manager -> use proxy for this page

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browsing through files is already compressed.
encryption will come in the future, in the while you can use other softwares like stunnel, etc.