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Everything else / Beer and pizza comming your way rejetto
« on: January 22, 2007, 01:43:59 PM »
After hanging around in the forum for a wile, i feel to by you a beer rejetto :-*

Hfs is a beautyful software and i feel my computer knowledge grows along with it. To manage to set up hfs i used the forum and wiki. Now that i open my computer to yhe "whole world" i never been feeling more safer.
Along with your hfs software, you and your power users, i have been forced to set up propperly:
Ruter and ports
Operating System
HTML and templates
Advanced hfs futures
SSL (even if i dont use it ATM)
You nam it..

So to speek, for me, hfs is the ultimate home security software  ;)

But manage to do that with your paypal link i first have to learn myselves italian  :-\
So i dry dust of my old paypal account and gambled to send it from an us site, to

The ultimate payment method for me would be would to get your IBAN and BIC*
* IBAN: International Bank Account Number
* BIC: Bank Identifier Code
..or maybye VISA, the future takes visa i read some place :D
Or even better; maybye you can implent visa into hfs ::)

Have a nice evening, and dont get to drunk :)

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