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Using hfs to rederect to a dvr

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Hello ,first thing hfs is cooooool
but i want to know if i can use hfs to re direct internet traffic to a LAN http resource(
this is a DVR system with its own web page.

so can it be done or am i shooting birds in the dark?
can i edit the http template ,port forwarding ,jumping from the roof, anything??   
or is there any program that can do this??
id rather not do a vpn(to complicated for the other users to set up)
and i failed to setup the router with a dynamic DNS (hfs succeeded)and do
a port fowarding on  it

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i don't understand if you want to use HFS only to proxy the other service.
if that's it, than hfs is the wrong tool.
If you need HFS features, and also want to make your dvr public over the internet, given your DVR is a different machine than your HFS, then best solution is to configure your router to make the dvr directly accessible.
you'll have to choose a different port, if HFS is on port 80, the dvr should be on 88, or vice versa.

Other solutions should be held only as very last chance.