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Start on boot up?

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Moved this topic to the general area:
I save all my settings to file.  Recently, I created accounts on my Vista Machine (32).  On my admin account, I checked the setting for HFS to startup with Windows.  Problem is, HFS does NOT start automatically when I log into my other users account.  As a mater of fact, when I start HFS in the users account, the setting for Autostart with windows is off.  The folder where HFS resides has been set for all computer users to have all settings (no restrictions)

Problem is, the "run when windows starts" puts a link in the startup folder.  Unless you are in an account this HFS in the startup, it will not run.  Is there a way of forcing HFS to run at windows start up even though a user account is not active?

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No way unless you make HFS a service.
HFS by design is not a service, but some utils can do that, in a forced way.

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in the hfs menu settings
-> run HFS when windows starts
means start HFS when that user logged in

if you want to do what you have said,
start HFS when system starts (start HFS even no user account logged in)
you can try FireDaemon Pro, it can run as a service

i have tried using windows service manager to add HFS into service
but there are some problems when starting up,
so using FireDaemon will be the only way to start HFS with system user automatically