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My www. subdomain won't load a page.  It gets either 1 or 2 connections and then the browser times out and shows a blank page.  The other subdomains work (ftp. irc.)  I closed my browser, cleared my cache, and flushed the dns, but HFS still shows just a status of "Requesting" and nothing more.  All three HFS instances running are affected.  I closed HFS and reopened and loaded the default template.  I checked my DNS provider for the proper IP.

Everything seems fine.  How did I break it and how do I fix it?

What I really need to do is run a command-line exe and pause the template execution until the process is finished.  The process completes in less than half a second.  It is similar to RAWR-Designs thumbnail and preview generator.

There is no console output, but can I capture the exit code?  Something like >1 is failed and 0 means success.
Also, the command line can include /M to show a small dialog box upon completion.

Or, can HFS possibly be updated to include the output of the error code.  Like:


I'm not sure where to ask a question like this.  I searched for "pause execution" and found no results.

Also, if you can give advice on this, I only want the process run if the picturename_tn.jpg file does not exist in the /thumbs subfolder.  I've been working on this only for a few hours, so given time I may be able to figure it out myself.  I may have to make my own thumbnail generator which I could do.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

HTML & templates / templates: 80063r's problem
« on: May 22, 2009, 05:11:58 PM »
I don't know if this is a build related problem, but it could be.

I have 2 real folders in my tree.  Each has diff.tpl and hfs.diff.tpl (Please clarify which to use, I think its hfs.diff.tpl)  Only one of the folders actually shows the different template applied to it.  The other shows the default template.  I removed and added it again and read the forum (a little) and I've done everything I can think of short of pulling my hair out.  It was initailly working, now its not.  What did I do that broke it (so I won't do it again).

The point at which it seemed to break is when I double-clicked a file in Windows Explorer and HFS asked if I wanted to install the template.  I chose "No".  After that, it hasn't been working.  Clicking "Yes" doesn't work either.

Does {.inc|A|B.} have an optional parameter B?

Would {.inc|A.} work also?

The wiki does not say that B is optional.

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