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index page won't load

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Hello, I have been for HFS for a home file sever for a long time now. I have a custom index.html page that I created in Web Easy software. It has always worked by binding root to real folder. For some reason I went update my index page and now I am getting the 404- file not found error using HTTP file server live template and still an error with default template. No matter what I do I can't get the index page to load, it loads if I click on it in the folder...

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from your pictures your hfs is on port 134 and you address path isn't all there.

right click on your index file in hfs
index.html > (f9) brows it
(this will open up the hfs path...)

--------------possible step solutions-----
try going to localhost:134\index.html

if that doesn't work, then right click the house in hfs
properties>different template>

paste you index html code there, then your address of localhost:134
will show your index page....

see picture
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i think you renamed the folder, or moved it.
right click on the home and then "edit resource"