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Title: preview
Post by: rejetto on March 13, 2002, 01:34:19 AM

MAJOR: api plugin version 2
MINOR: new event: automsg received
MINOR: enhanced event-tips behaviour
MINOR: chat window: alt+home alt+end to move to the top and to the end of the history
MINOR: preferences: start: "lock on start (hum, to stop your little sister)" option
CHANGE: chat window: CTRL behave as ALT for pageup and pagedown
CHANGE: new connection progress % values
CHANGE: outbox file format changed, be careful upgrading
BUGFIX: no more error messages for automatic reconnection
BUGFIX: contacts were not saved when adding, could cause loss of data
BUGFIX: wrong selection opening outbox on a certain contact
BUGFIX: retrieve.list file was read with no backward compatibility (only new format)
BUGFIX: if a .list.txt file exists but is empty the old .list file was read
BUGFIX: chat window: replying to a long scrolled message, the reply appeared scrolled