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Programmers corner / Server Side Scripts [request] - Nesting
« on: May 30, 2013, 11:59:33 PM »
{.if not|{.pos|one|{.header|one.}.}|
{.if not|{.pos|two|{.header|two.}.}|
{.if not|{.pos|three|{.header|three.}.}|
{.if not|{.pos|four|{.header|four.}.}|

Any combination of 2 of the above works, but not 3 or 4 of them, limitation or am I doing it wrong ?

In windows batch, would be something like this

If %%a NEQ Google (
If %%b NEQ (
If %%c NEQ rejetto (
If %%d NEQ patch (
echo Sorry if you made it here, you do not belong !

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Events [request]
« on: May 28, 2013, 02:03:17 AM »
Hi all,
I have been doing some reading and learnt a lot, but now need a bit of advise..

I want to make use of scripts as much as possible, but have a little way to go on syntax etc
Oh, plus what available options I can make use of..

Task One  {SOLVED 80%} No need to BAN, DTA for FF now gets nothing -see next post
I want to BAN, yes BAN -
I do have a warning and polite request, not to use DownloadThemAll (DTA) for FireFox (FF) on my files page.
So if my request is denied then BAN is appropriate :)
I will try clear those bans every 24 hrs (manually but an auto way would be nice)

Ok so what I have worked out DTA for FF sends the same > User-Agent: as FF, so that wont work.
But we have this in the get request
Code: [Select]
> Want-Digest: SHA512;q=0.9, SHA256;q=0.7, SHA, SHA1;q=0.5, MD5;q=0.3
Code: [Select]
{.if|{.{.header|Want-Digest.}=SHA512;q=0.9, SHA256;q=0.7, SHA, SHA1;q=0.5, MD5;q=0.3.}|{:{.{.disconnect.}:}.}.}

Seems to work, but the files are small and testing from my own PC through proxy to HFS (to reduce speed) between .disconnect. and DTA's " > Range: bytes=606227- " request, I can still download everything :(

These don't work
Code: [Select]


{.if|{.{.header|Want-Digest.}=SHA512;q=0.9, SHA256;q=0.7, SHA, SHA1;q=0.5, MD5;q=0.3.}|{:{.redirect|DTA_BAN.htm.}:}.}.}


This works (no need for BAN - nobody, nothing will load) of course, just as an example.
:including for others that stumble upon this post.
Code: [Select]

1. Can I have multiple rules under [request] ?
Code: [Select]
rule 1
rule 2
rule 3
No, I guess not, add new rule under [request] like so
Code: [Select]
rule 1
rule 2
rule 3

I tried {.ban.} but according to macros-log.html that isn't working

2. Can I use [request] to run a local batch file ?
Yes, I can, and doing this was a great way to actually SEE the events triggered !
Code: [Select]
Task Two (to do) {SOLVED}
Execute a local batch file (which I currently run through window scheduled tasks) upon upload event
(yes, I know read, read, read)
to be continued....

This works, file will be moved after upload.
Beware if file already exists in C:\_INCOMING, it will be replaced.
Code: [Select]
[upload completed]

Execute a local batch file, too easy.
Code: [Select]
[+upload completed]

Thanks !
PS. now using current #284

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