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MTU and MSS size setting

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During Big data file download test by HFS server, It set as MTU 1512 / MSS 1460 defaultly.
But Most network system use MTU 1500 / MSS 1448.
So It cause fragmentation problem frequently.
Can you change default MTU to 1500 or add MTU/MSS option menu??

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actual most networks and devices use mtu 1300-1500

1500 - standared router networks (class C)
1400 - game station
1300 - major ISP head ends(advance routing)

1400 is usual added via default router config for most "major manfactures"...

all of with is not handeld via the software/ HFS program. there ususal is a setting to change in your router config

a bunch of testing and other networking stuff is required to even atempt to find your netwroks good mtu/mss...
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