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Download interrupted after starting another

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Hello, is this supposed to be a normal behavior?
I open HFS web interface on one pc, login with some user account, start downloading some big file... On another pc I open it as well and download some really small file. Just when this second download started, the first went to 0B/s! And it stayed like that even after the second download finished! Clicking pause and resume in chrome download manger does not make it continue.
So I am asking - is this normal behavior that I just can't download two things at once otherwise it interrupts?

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Hi, I'm pretty sure this is _not_ the normal or expected behavior, as I've never heard of any such limitations in discussions here, and I know some of our colleagues here have large and busy sites.

But, I can't personally replicate your test -- my instance of HFS has only very small text data files for an android project, and even when I tar them all together and download, it completes too fast for me to switch to another browser and try to interrupt it.

Sorry that I'm only stating the obvious, but for debugging, if you're using a custom template, please repeat your test with your server using only the default template, just to rule out any possible template issues.

Also, do the logs in your HFS server window give any insights? There are several more extensive logging options that you can enable temporarily, so see if these provide any pointers to what's going on.

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sorry for the late reply,
clearly that's not the expected behavior, even with limitations enabled.
I can hardly think of something for your problem, but check what options you enabled. There's a tool for it, you'll find it in menu > debug > show customized options

question: what operating system are you running HFS on ?
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