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Title: Plextender
Post by: rejetto on May 25, 2007, 04:00:44 AM
Let me introduce you ... Plextender

Plextender is a free add-on for Winamp. It's similar to a plugin.
It aims to be useful for people who like keyboard more than mouse. Differently you may find this application useless.

I found the winamp GUI inadequate to my daily use, so i created this.
I control winamp via hotkeys, so i find those buttons to be a waste of screen space.
With Plextender the only space on the screen is reserved to the "Artist - Title", and it has an improved readibility.

Moreover, you can bind hotkeys to actions, and it supports a lot of strange keys, like browser keys, media keys, etc.
Winamp 5 already sports this feature, but Winamp 2 does not, and I use version 2 :P

You can configure it all by editing the ini file. No GUI furnished at the moment, and no plan for it.

This is a pre-release, meant to find rough problems.
Please, let me know your opinion.

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Title: Re: Plextender
Post by: mr.shylock on May 29, 2007, 05:17:09 PM
i think is more useful to control common task than control winamp,

for example in xp there isn't a shortcut to remove pendrive,
so i made with plextender and  deveject ( )

adding this to plextender.ini
win shift a=exec:deveject.exe -EjectDrive:A:

i can dismount my pendrive (a:) , typing win shift a