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I would like to save an value as txt simple just 1 - 1000 and only single value how to save a value
just like shout box in teraya template and read value ?

or can we use Javascript to save txt to server ?

or if we get the value how to import it to java function ?

save some html from writer ?

My reason is to Display each iframe as much as value and i want to make and topic writer. and made new html and iframe to
the topic with single page by Javascript.
Only Me can write a New topic.

When topic add the value will be plus the topic name will be 1.html 2.html 3......... each one Have 1.txt 2.txt for each topic for it Topic name to display in Directory when click on topic name it will Made new IFrame

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it's late here and i'm too tired to understand what you meant to do, so i'll be generic.
i expect you are using version 2.3

saving by server on server: use scripting command {.save.}
by server on browser:  use scripting command {.cookie.}
by browser on browser: google for javascript cookie writing
by browser on server: you should use a form, or ajax.
if you need an ajax example you can refer to the default template, it uses this technique.
for scripting commands documentation refer to