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[SOLVED] Error starting FHFS 2.0

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After running FHFS_Launcher and press in "Start FHFS Server" appears an error popup showing the message: "Startup_Error_0X1004"

I was unable to find what this error means.

I tried to stop and restart the server multiple times with no success.

Does anybody know what this errorcode means?

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possible resloution:

Windows key + R

run "cmd"


ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew


This will only work if you are trying to receive an ip via dhcp....
error due to a check in ftp service!
Files I have snagged and share can be found on my google drive:

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Nope, 0x1004 means it couldn't find hfs.vfs.  FHFS errors are not the same as Windows errors :)

Code: [Select]

            check_file("server.dll", "Startup_Error_0x0001");

            check_file("", "Startup_Error_0x1001");
            check_file("version.dat", "Startup_Error_0x1002");
            check_file("hfs.ini", "Startup_Error_0x1003");
            check_file("hfs.vfs", "Startup_Error_0x1004");

            check_file("openssl-bin\\openssl.exe", "Startup_Error_0x2001");
            check_file("openssl-bin\\ssleay32.dll", "Startup_Error_0x2002");
            check_file("openssl-bin\\libeay32.dll", "Startup_Error_0x2003");
            check_file("openssl-bin\\libssl32.dll", "Startup_Error_0x2004");

            check_file("stunnel-bin\\stunnel.exe", "Startup_Error_0x3001");
            check_file("stunnel-bin\\libeay32.dll", "Startup_Error_0x3002");
            check_file("stunnel-bin\\msvcr90.dll", "Startup_Error_0x3003");
            check_file("stunnel-bin\\ssleay32.dll", "Startup_Error_0x3004");

            check_file("php-bin\\php5ts.dll", "Startup_Error_0x4001");
            check_file("php-bin\\php.exe", "Startup_Error_0x4002");

            check_file("filezilla-bin\\FileZilla.exe", "Startup_Error_0x5001");
            check_file("filezilla-bin\\FzGSS.dll", "Startup_Error_0x5002");
            check_file("filezilla-bin\\libeay32.dll", "Startup_Error_0x5003");
            check_file("filezilla-bin\\ssleay32.dll", "Startup_Error_0x5004");

            check_file("sendemail-bin\\email.exe", "Startup_Error_0x6001");

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That was it!!

After copying hfs.vfs.bak as hfs.vfs I was able to start FHFS again.

Thanks a lot.  ;D