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How can I increase download speed?

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I've been trying for several hours to boot up the thing so I my friends can connect to my IP from their home so they can download files, all works fine after I finally discovered DMZ on my router lol. The problem now is that if I connect with (my local IP) from the same device or some other device on the network, download speeds will average around 60MB/s, but whenever someone connects using my external IP, it will start at like 15-30MB/s for 2 seconds then drop to 9MB/s or less, is there any way to work around this so they can download at full speed?

In case you maybe think It's because I have a slow internet:

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1.Menu/Limits - remove ALL restrictions (uncheck all boxes).

2.Menu/Debug/select "Experimental high speed handling"

3. If that didn't help - The situation is similar to the speed limit of YOUR PROVIDER. And then this issue can be resolved only with the provider.
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