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Programmers corner / How I can force HFS to send nonexisting file
« on: June 20, 2018, 09:32:24 PM »
I want to somehow force HFS to act in such manner:

[request (or download?, or some another event?)]
if HFS can send requested file
   dodefault (send it)
  send the content of, for example, /NotFound.txt (or d:\HFS\NotFound.txt) as if requested file exists in
  HFS's VFS and HFS perform a routin operation so that requestor will be
  sure that he got a requested file

How I can do this?

Всем привет!

Мне бы хотелось, в случае, когда запрашиваемый файл не найден и HFS отвечает "Not served: 404 - Not found", посылать некий файл.

Как это, в случай с HFS 2.3k, проще всего сделать?

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