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Title: False errors on upload
Post by: D on September 16, 2021, 10:54:00 PM
They only appear in logs. I'm using HFS 2.3m

Code: [Select]
Upload failed for 20210916_221111.jpg: Not allowed.
Upload failed 20210916_221111.jpg
Upload failed for 20210916_221155.jpg: Not allowed.
Upload failed 20210916_221155.jpg
Upload failed for 20210916_221259.jpg: Not allowed.
Upload failed 20210916_221259.jpg
Requested POST /
Uploading 20210916_221111.jpg
Fully uploaded 20210916_221111.jpg - 71.2 K @ 316.4 KB/s
Uploading 20210916_221155.jpg
Fully uploaded 20210916_221155.jpg - 114.0 K @ 797.2 KB/s
Uploading 20210916_221259.jpg
Fully uploaded 20210916_221259.jpg - 163.8 K @ 1.1 MB/s
Title: Re: False errors on upload
Post by: Mars on September 17, 2021, 11:15:34 PM
Appears for one of the following reasons:

when sending each file with the method that was used for it
- the logged in user does not have write rights to upload file in the folder
- the user and the password used do not correspond to a registered account values