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Version 2.0 Beta - Build 3 Release & Download

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Post bugs/problems specific to this build here.

Build 3 is directly compatible with build 2, and can be upgraded from build 2 directly, without special instructions.
To upgrade from build 1, first upgrade to build 2 following the special instructions, then upgrade again with build 3.

Build 3 Changes:

Fix:    Fixed a MAJOR bug where signing in could lock up HFS indefinitely if there were any accounts with a pending validation code (ajax.signin.tpl)
Fix:    Fixed a bug where un-sharing a public folder would not work if it was the only one that was currently public. (ajax.sharefolder.tpl)
Fix:    Firefox sometimes got upset because "charset=utf-8" wasn't declared in the user template (user template.tpl)
Improve: When checking for the correct install directory, start.vbs now uses server.dll instead of the very random alert.vbs (start.vbs)
Improve: start.vbs now launches HFS directly instead of running server.bat, not sure why I didn't do that in the first place. (start.vbs)
Improve: Very very minor changes to accounts export, year now comes first in the name, and {.save.} is used instead of {.append.} (admin.ajaxfunctions.tpl)
Improve: Reinstalling the Filezilla/Stunnnel services now makes you accept the "are you sure?" prompt when clicking the buttom (admin.javascript.js.tpl)

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