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How to Speed up Rendering

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Hi all,

Lately I've been working with HFS 2.4R6 and love it!  It seems quite stable and I like the new template.  I have a question though.... how can I speed up the rendering of a page?  I have a particular folder with 538 files in it.  They are all small .zip files, so no picture, audio or video, but it takes over 12 seconds to render on spinning rust, 6.7 seconds on an SSD and 5.4 seconds on NVME (PC is 8th Gen i7@4.2Ghz).  How can I make this faster?  Seems like a long time to wait for such a simple list with no comments.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.



Edit:  It appears that the delay could be most likely caused from sorting the files, they have pretty long names.
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how can I speed up the rendering of a page?

You can try those templates pinned on this child-board. They are all for new HFS 2.4 RC7. They are faster than default template. Pick your favorite one! :)

I've tried, my music folder with 569 big files and long names are rendered by default template within 4.5s, but with Takeback it decreased to 2s. Throwback and Mobil-light maybe even quicker than this.

Besides, you can manually sort your files to additional folders, ensure there are few files in a single folder.
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Takeback Template | PHFS

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You can also try HFS2.4 RC7 (together with this fix). It's also without render-blocking jquery.

If you need a icon for Mobil-light. Add to style: a[href*=".zip"]::before {content:"🎁  "}

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Could you make a benchmarking for my latest version also?
I've made many optimizations in macros parser...

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what factors can speed up blogspot?
I hear you.   The factors are similar to HFS. 
Install firefox on pc.
Menu >
Web Developer >
Network >
F5 >

Your site isn't bad, but order of loading may be chaotic. 
You could use XHTML and do load order by UI order. 
There is also script defer or move script after </body> close tag; either of which can make the scripts load After content is visible.
Smaller icon files that cause waiting on additional RQ, can be replaced with base64 or unicode icons (not separate files). 
Too many RQ (too many separate files); so, perhaps consolidate. 
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