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HFS is great and it's growing. So there are a lot of feature requests and a long todo list, and rejetto is the only coder in delphi.

So why not open a door in hfs that permits other coders to append some features they need, writing small pieces of code in other languages and that doesn't interfere with the mainprogram?

My proposal is, to have , in the same way as we can define what the historyfiles contains and logs, perhaps with a filter for lines containing ?,#,&, a definition of a command to execute. Or having hfs loading a dll (if it exists) with the only entrypoint 'hfsext'. The unique value passed should be the full defined history line.

This way we could use address-overload to realize some tasks as:
  • #createdir=name, #delfile=name
  • #adduser=username, creating a usernamecode.htm with a key that could be read in a frame of the template, and once it were downloaded, could be erased. etc..
And without overload, we could create account-deletion with timeout.
we could ban users who try to access with no hfs-generated commands etc.

I know we could achieve some of this things with a resident program that continuously checks the history-file, but as most tasks would only occur a few times a day (or even less),  I think that it would be better invoke that program only when needed, defined by a filter like history creation.
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